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Online Backup Testimonials from our Customers
Need we say more?

I have to tell you that your service has not only saved my business many times but the security of knowing that I have a “Safety Net” or a BACK-UP gives me so much security that it truly allows me to sleep at night and not worry if   - or should I say when - the next time my PC crashes or my hard drive gets corrupted... Sheri and the guys at Dr. Backup are great!! When I have had problems in the past, they took the ball, ran with it, restored my data and had me up and running in a very short period of time. Great service and great people to help.

-Harvey T

I just wanted to tell you that I am less than a week into my free trial and your backup service has already saved me hours of work I would have totally lost otherwise. My entire website would have been a redo if it weren’t for the backup I did with your service yesterday. I have recouped the value of your YEARLY fee (and then some) with just that one restore! Thank you!
-Lori F

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Doctor Backup! Once I got the hang of it (with your personal assistance I might add) the backup process is as smooth as silk. No more CDs, no more worrying about hard drive crashes, no more worrying about loss of critical data due to theft or fire! The NAEA Journal just ran their four page spread on the best office products. Next year, I plan to personally author a recommendation for Doctor Backup citing its ease of use and the high quality customer service I have received."
- Dave F

"Losing your personal data is a personal choice. Losing your business data isn't fair to your customers. Automated backup of my computer files gives me one less thing to worry about these days. Very nice service folks.
- Henry L

"Hey, Doc. I finally signed up for the backup service, and I love it. Thank you so much! It's great to worry a bit less about my files. I had a "near miss" in July. I rescued my files off a limping disk before it completely went out, and lived off my backup machine for about six weeks, so I got motivated to sign up and organize myself so that the most important things get backed up on a regular basis. The service works very smoothly. You really did a nice job designing it. If you need a testimonial, I will be happy to oblige. All best wishes"
- Joyce G

"As the public relations director for a large association, I receive 100's of electronic mail messages every week. One day, I tried to open an innocent looking message from what I thought was a friend. The message took an unusually long time to open. Eventually, I realized that this was no normal message. The Pacman virus had just infected my system - and destroyed all the association's data on my hard drive. Fortunately, with the help of the remote backup system, I was able to restore all my lost data -- including the actual mail message which started the whole mess, which I deleted!"
- Ned H

"I am the Information Systems Director of a small business. Unfortunately, even I take vacations. Turns out that while I was gone, we had a small office fire and the sprinkler head directly over our main server discharged. I returned to the office confident in my ability to restore our server from the backups that I knew we were making. Little did I realize that in my absence, the backup tapes were left directly on top of the server and were damaged. Since that time, Doctor Backup now backs me up - even when I'm on vacation."
- Candice K

"As a real estate broker, Quickbook files are literally your lifeblood. After experiencing a hard disk crash on my computer, I paid over $1,000 to a so-called data recovery specialist. In the end, I wound up re-keying months worth of paper ledgers. My computer guy told me that this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and I was therefore extremely unlucky. Six month's later it happened again. I only wish Doctor Backup was around back in 1999. We all know that bad things happen in three's - but this time, it will be a different ending."
- Janet R

"One night, I left my laptop computer plugged into my docking station at work. Upon arriving at the office in the morning, I discovered the laptop had been stolen. As the financial analyst responsible for administering the Company's employee stock purchase plan, you have no idea how relieved I was to find out that unknown to me, Doctor Backup was on the job and all my data was safe."
- Bruce L

...and many, many more

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