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Do You Need Online Backup?

Please take our free data loss risk evaluation quiz and let us compute your data risk score. You may be surprised at the findings!

What kind of data is stored on your computer?
Occasional letters and reports +10
Client Records +50
Accounting +100
Most critical business data +200
If all data on your computer were lost, and all backup tapes destroyed, how long would it take one person to re-enter it manually?
1 Week +10
4 Weeks +30
6 Months +50
1 Year +70
Over 1 Year +100
Do you keep paper records that you could use as a source to re-enter lost computer data?
Yes -100
No +100
How often do you perform a full backup?
Daily -50
Weekly -0
Monthly +50
Rarely +100
How is the backup done?
Automatically -50
Manually, by a skilled person +10
Other +50
How long do you keep copies of your old data?
We use the same tape every day. +100
One Week +50
One Month +30
One Year -50
How often are backup tapes verified?
Every time a backup is done -50
Periodically +50
Never +100
How often do you re-evaluate your backup strategy?
Weekly -50
Monthly -10
Yearly +50
Never +100
Where are your backup tapes stored?
Offsite secure data storage vault -200
At home -100
In a safe at the office -20
Next to the computer +200
We don't do backups. +500
Who has access to your computers? (all that apply)
People with no computer training +30
Unskilled employees +50
Employees who will soon quit +100
Do you or any of your employees: (all that apply)
Install non-company software? +30
Borrow software from friends? +50
Access your computers by modem? +40
How many computers do you have?
1 +0
2-10 +70
11-20 +100
Over 20 +200
Do you have a computer network?
Yes +200
No +0

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