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Maintenance Announcements

Routine system maintenance, if required, will occur weekdays at 12:00pm ET. The typical duration is usually less than 15 minutes. In most cases, your backup will be unaffected and will resume automatically. Unplanned events will be broadcast on Twitter.

Maintenance Log (Major Events Only):

01-01-2008 - Notice: All scheduled maintenance event notifications are now sent via email directly to each end user account along with daily backup notifications. Unplanned outages will be posted to Twitter.

10-31-2007 - We will be performing a storage array upgrade during the normal maintenance window. We will also be doing prep work needed to add additional storage controller capacity for 2008.

11-30-2006 - We will be installing a new Cisco PIX firewall on our main Internet feed during an extended maintenance window Thursday November 30th from 2:00 - 4:00pm ET. Any backups in progress during this maintenance period will be temporariliy suspended but should resume shortly thereafter.

09-01-2006 - In order to meet customer demand for increased offsite storage, we will be performing a disk array upgrade during the normally scheduled maintenance window from 1:00pm to 2:00pm eastern time on Friday, September 1, 2006. Any backups in progress during this maintenance period will be temporarily interrupted but should resume shortly therafter. This upgrade will permit us to provide service to over 1,000 additional organizations in the coming months. Thanks for helping us grow!

08-25-2006 - During the early morning hours, we experienced a memory fault in our backup controller. Backup service was paused while the problem was analyzed. Backups resumed at 7:30am and additional work is anticipated during a normal maintenance period in the near future. {updated 8/25/2006 - 9:15am}

07-15-2006 - We are experiencing a performance degredation issue with a disk array controller. As a precaution, we have disabled backup service until we can isolate the issue and repair/replace the faulty component. Backups will resume when the issue is cleared. Update: Issue identified and backups resumed. Additional work to be performed during normal maintenance window on Wednesday July 19th, at 1:00pm. {Completed}

06-08-2006 - An extended service window is required on Thursday, June 8, in order to perform maintenance on the disk array of our main backup controller. During that time, the backup service will be unavailable. The maintenance will start at approximately 8:00am. We will post updates on this board as they become available. {Completed 9:00am}

10-21-2005 - An intermittant problem with our outbound email notification server has been reported. We are currently investigating. While this issue will not directly impact your online backups, it may impact our ability to send you timely email confirmations of backup completion. We regret this inconvenience and are working with our software vendor to identify and resolve this issue as soon as possible. {Investigation ongoing to analyze problem}

10-6-2005 - Today's maintenance window will be extended and run from 1:00pm - 5:00pm ET to continue work on a storage array problem experienced last night. Backups will be suspended for a portion of the maintenance window. {Completed}

10-5-2005 - Unplanned system maintenance in progress due to errors on one of our storage arrays. Backups temporarily disabled until issue can be isolated and repaired. Update:Temporary repairs made and backup service resumed. Additional maintenance will be performed during normal maintenance window at 1pm ET. (last updated 2:30am 10/6/2005)

08-31-2005 - Planned system maintenance during 1:00pm ET maintenance windows. In preparation for a storage upgrade, we will be adding a new SCSI controller card to the configuration. Estimated downtime is less than 1 hour. {Completed}

07-11-2005 - Preventive maintenance on server array and mirror drive. Estimate 3 hours starting at 1:00pm ET to perform all work during which time backup servers will be offline. Extended maintenance window originally announced 7/1/2005. {Completed}

06-06-2005 - Re-scheduled maintenenace to replace high-speed disk controller card. Prep work for upcoming system upgrade. 11:00am ET {Completed}

04-21-2005 - Brief outage scheduled for approximately 1:00pm to replace high-speed disk controller card. {To be rescheduled}

03-23-2005 - Urgent maintenance/upgrade on main server controller. Work began at 3:15pm ET and is scheduled for approximately 1 hour. Service will be unavailable for backups while work is ongoing. Backups in process which were interrupted should resume when service is restored. {Completed}

02-22-2005 - Work continues on replacement of a SCSI array controller. Service will be unavailable until repairs are completed on this component.{Resolved}

12-05-2004 - Planned upgrade of main disk storage array scheduled for 2:30pm EST through 4:30pm. Service will be unavailable for backups while we add additional capacity to serve clients.{Completed}

11-13-2004 - Unplanned system maintenance occured in the early morning hours. This may have resulted in intermittant service interruptions until work was completed at around 6:00am ET.{Resolved}

10-30-2004 - Email notification system upgraded. Backup reports will now display current quota utilization.{Completed}

04-07-2004 - Update 08:00ET - Work continues on restoring the disk storage array to service. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Backup service will resume as soon as the upgrade is completed.{Completed}

04-07-2004 - MAXUptime scheduled maintenance to upgrade disk storage array. Backup servers will be offline until mid-afternoon.{Completed}

03-29-2004 - System maintenance at 11:00pm to install new email notification system and upgrade security firewall. Backup service should resume early AM on 03/30.{Completed}

02-08-2004 - Planned upgrade of Raid-5 disk storage array. Access to our servers will be interrupted Sunday night to perform the upgrade. Backup service will resume early AM. {Completed}

12-14-2003 - Planned upgrade of Internet bandwidth by MaxUptime. Access to our servers will be interrupted from 1:00am - 2:00 am for planned maintenance. {Completed}

12-10-2003 - We are currently performing urgent maintenance on a disk storage array. We anticipate completing the work and restoring service by 10am ET. Remote backup services are currently disabled. {Resolved}

11-28-2003 - We are currently experiencing difficulties with our Internet connectivity. The problem has been traced to a cooling fan failure in a critical component. Work is in process to repair the failed component and restore service. {Resolved}

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